man... i blink, and then 2 weeks go bye.

it's not like anything happened... or didn't happen. but it's more the fact that i dont have many exciting thigns going on in my life. last night was a bit of a doosy. for the first time in my life i lead a bible study. it was awesome.. not cuz i did anything, but because God moved. it was a good night. since our group is predominantly older single people, it was the first time the night was lead by the younger crowd. we had a strong 18 yr lead the worship time, and then i lead the word. all those years in APA 101, and being around JSK, anna, munfung, mlinz, gchu, PZ, kyle, ijun, hdang... they really rubbed off on me.. but like i said.. it wasn't me at all.. it was the G-O-D watching my back.

something someone said in a passing statement really shocked me. i was going to give this person a sermon tape on the topic of gifts... and she said what do i need this for? and i had no response, as the title of the sermon was "dont let your gift take you where your character can't keep you." i was dumb-struck cuz it was glaringly simple. but as i studied her face, it had nothing to do with that. she said, "i have no gifts." in a totally serious face.

i have no idea what Satan does, but he did something really crazy in my friend to make her think that she has no gifts. this happened almost a week ago and it still is something that bothers me. i know for a fact that God does creat people for them to feel useless and giftless. anyone who thinks that is being lied to to by satan himself... the problem is.. will this person ever see this? i hope that this is just me reading way too much into this, and she's just being a VERY humble person...

but do you know your gifts? do yuo even think you HAVE gifts? do you even know what a gift from God is? i'm not talking about finding money on the street... i'm talking about the gift of preaching, the gift of relationships.. the gift of knowing GOd's word.. do YOU know your gifts in God?


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