i would love to be able to say that i'm an intersting person. but honestly, after taking a good look at myself internally... i'm not all that different. infact, i'm more on the boring side. get this... last night, after a cup of tea i told my host parents that i was wondering were their son was. i said i would rather him be home with me playing UNO than gallivanting around town spending money.

and yes, i used the word gallivanting. what's the matter with me?

recently i have done things that i've always wanted/saw myself doing... and last night was another night. it was late, the 3 bachelors of the pad were sitting at a table, talking, laughing, sharing, and just... i dunno.. those are the moments that really stick out to me. nothing planned, nothing crazy with big lights and drinks.. pretentious attitudes... just a simple talk around the dinner table. what did we talk about? it didn't even matter... but the bottom line is that i'm a talker. i'm good at it, no joke. more often than not, i would choose a discussion at home over a night of drinking.

it's the little things that speak to me.

another reason it was that good was becuase i turned down an offer to go to the 'Model Night' at one of newer up-and-coming hip hop clubs of Hong Kong. i've heard of the model/hiphop night... can you imagine, a room full of male and she-male models all looking beautiful, but can't dance at all? not that i'm a backup for Janet, but i go out cuz i wanna get sweaty and dance the night away.weather it's on a stage in front of hundreds, or by myself in the corner of a club... dance is the reason to get out. smoking the capri cigs, doing lines in the bathroom and poping pills, all while trying to look like they're in a photoshoot for a facial skin cream? that's not me.. atleast not anymore. anyways.. it's rumored to have the best music in town... but then... the company would make me gag. small dance floor too.

last ramble(i'm trying to get my J.Yang listing up). i was on my bus to get the train today when, in my tired and half asleep state, put my foot up on the seat so i could rest my head on it to catch 5 vital minutes of sleep. before i nodded off, a man tapped my shoulder and told me to put my foot down. without thinking i complied... but then 2 seconds after, i was completely fuming on the inside. i then, in my mind, i ripped him to shreds, swore in his face after breaking his nose with my elbow, and then i promptly kicked him repeatedly while he was down and out.

all in my head.

there is something amiss here. although it was in my head, Jesus did say that a sin in the mind is just as bad as doing it... i did repent, but i was shocked at myself. the violence, which i know was partly due to myself be very grouchy and cranky... but still.. i beat the crap out of a balding dude in a suit... just cuz he told me to take my foot of the seat. ok.. i'm done...

can you guys tell that my boss hasn't come into the office yet? anyways... time to work.


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