is it just me or was blogger down for a while over the last 2 days?

more... there's more to life, right? there's always more to what meets the eye... right? that's what i feel sometimes. i see it all around me, in people, places.. situations... churches, companies... i mean.. i look at some guys, and i just know that one day they will be different.. maybe they'll get their ticket, their big break and then they won't be having to worry about meeting the next bill.. or saving cash to for something like a holiday... i think, yeah.. some time later you will be outta school and in a nice job and be making a great paycheck and happy.

then i see the problem. my eyes... they see the wrong thing.. and it's taken me a while to figure out that i'm just focusing on the wrong thing. i often think.. yeah.. you'll get that big break, then make lots of money, then be happy. for some reason, i have couple money with happiness. as a non christian, i've always thought that money isnt' everything... as a christian.. i've heard numerous talks on this... i've even taken the volunteer life as a step of faith... but there's something in my heart that isn't entirely pure.

hm. that's intersting.

it's not about knowing, thinking, or feeling. it's about what i believe... what's in my heart. i can have action after action that SHOWS i dont' place money so highly, but until my heart stands the eyes of God... what does it mean?


i challenge myself today... to look beyond the dollar.. to look into the heart of my actions, my thoughts... my outlook... i honestly dislike money... but the real question is... have i separated that from my heart? i think i'm on that path... it's an honest challenge in my life.. and i'm sure some people are thinking.. "man.. that's not a problem for me." but then.. i thought that too, while i was having a steady income or had support from parents. now.. with niether of those things... it's all a bit clearer now.

after our church office meeting... i have found out that our church has either planned or will be involved in 8 different events over the next 30 days. that's pretty crazy if you ask me... but only if you ask me....

once again.. no spell check... sowwie.


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