:pay it forward:

i'm right in the middle of watching this movie. this idea itself is amazing... the movie itself is good... impossible? nope.. but possible.. yes.

i take alot of what i'm 'supposed' to be and act from the bible.. and also those christians around me in my fellowship and my church. after a certain amount of time i started my own way of being... kind of like being my own man. it was then that i decided that i dont need to keep finding myself, but because i have been found... thus i am found.

paying it forward. what a crazy concept. do 3 big things for 3 different people... dont mention what was done, dont linger on the act of kindness... just do it. change the world, one person at a time. the catch is that the reason why this is so crazy is because the world is messed up. wow... epiphany.

the world is messed up.. so let's do something about it. i guess i never needed a movie to remind me that change begins in me first... if everyone does their part, the world could be better place... it's so strawberry sweet and cheerful that it's just too good to be true.

but it is.

so today.. especially since it's the Christmas season... let's pay it forward. Grace, Love, Peace and Hope has been given so freely and so wonderfully to me.. to us.. to you.. so... let's do the one thing that we never do.. the one thing that we just ignore.. let's pay it forward.


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