doesn't everyone think that they're special? i mean..i do. it's something inate in everyone.. i think. everyone thinks that they are special... not superior.. but just.. special. is there anything wrong with that?

so yesterday, there was a prelim lunch meeting with roughly 50-80 principles, and about 100 church people.. namely pastors and youth pastors. me and janice? i'm just a volunteer and Janice is a youth leader. i looked around the room and saw some really great pastors, ben wong, sam lai, sam song.. and then other guys i dont know personally, but have seen... agatha chiu, howard blah blah... the pastor of Union Church, St Andrews, DB church... it was really weird.
there were so many high brass when it came to christians.. that there was a weird feeling. and here i was.. volunteer extrodinare.

i didn't try to network.. i left that to my pastors-in-training. they can take care of that
stuff. and even stuff in my field.. young adults... i'm only bob and/or tom's assitant... so in these kind of events, no one wants to know assitants. but that worked in my favor, i got a chance to observe. so i went over to meet the mother of a good friend, and the person sitting next to john, my pastor. he introduces me and says off handedly... "this one's special"

hmmm.. this one IS special.

ha... i look at myself, and i very tentatlively see myself being a person that will be invited to one of these events in the future, rather than just inviting myself. not in a i-wanna-take-over-the-world way... just... i know that my heart is to serve God in Hong kong... i have the desire and energy to used by God to do these things for him... i just have to make sure that my reasons and motives are pure everyday... climbing a ladder looks like fun, but it's the fall that really hurts.

so yes.. even if no one else thinks so, i am special. i am special because the lord has given me life, and that my life is His.

where's that cookie?


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