:quarter of a century:

i'm young. but i feel old.

the time now 8:03am, i'm having a non-alcohol induced hangover from a whirlwind day and semi insane evening.

sometimes birthdays come at the wrong time.

well... let's just say that this week.. these last 3 weeks... heck.. the last month and a half.. has been absolutely insane. i'm talking crazy. with the vine centre moving, 180 moving, 180 mission trip, 180 relaunch, and vine centre opening, i haven't had anytime for me, for Janice, for my own life. last night, it just caught up with me, and i was dead asleep by 1030. i saw my phone in the morning. 4 missed calls. i'm sure it was all birthday wishes, but hey... i'm sure god put me to sleep... i couldn't even count sheep, i was out like a light.

and i then i wake up.

i've been up and down lately. i'm sure everyone feels like this. that work, and life is like closing in around you, that there're just not enough minutes in an hour, and certainly not enough waking hours per day. my to-do list keeps getting larger, and my done list seems really shallow. the world is happening around me, and sometimes i don't even know what day it is.

i love it.

some times, i'm so happy that i'm here doing what i'm doing that i believe that it's a dream. sometimes, i'm so scared that i get stomach aches... or major gas how cool is that?

so today, i begin a new life. 25 is the end of an age bracket. it probably states that the beginning of next year i'll begin a life that will be so similar that in 10 years there will be no change in perception. however i doubt many people have experienced what i have in my short life. but i'm certain that anyone reading this page would say the same about themselves.

someone in my bible study said something recently. he said, with a straight face.. "you've grown.. you're older" at the time, i was like huh??? but now.. with some time to mull over what he meant.. i agree with him. the weight of leadership, the stress of always having to know.. the euphoria of following jesus.. it puts a few wrinkles on your face. yet here i am, and i continue to fight.

i love it.

and today, the day after. on my new sexy powerbook.. i'm in a cafe listening to cheap jazz, sipping on fake coffee, stealing some poor companies free unprotected internet signal... just enjoying life... this has been my dream ever since college.. people watch with an uber cool accessory, sip coffee and let the world pass me by.

how about them apples?

sigh. it IS a wonderful world.

my thought of a day that's only been 2 hours long:

In a world that never stands still, it takes more energy and control to sit and be conent with who you are and what you are. i've recently seen the joy in doing this, and the freedom that it brings. sadly, i've realised that this feeling only comes with a true and pure relationship with a new 15' G4 powerbook..."

just kidding. maybe.


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