:a day to remember:

in all seriousness... it has been a simply amazing day.

today, my fiancée and i signed our first home today. it was a place that we both really liked, price was a little expensive, but we got our target price. it's still being renovated, and not only that, we got the landlord to throw in a washing machine and fridge when he initially wasn't. the area is nice, but more than that, it has a huge bedroom for janice and i, an open kitchen which makes the place feel bigger than it really is, and some funky interior stuff that makes the place feel a bit modern. we jumped at the chance to sign. so, new flat. DONE!

after we tried a cheap restaurant that scrumptious food and was actually rather clean. that's always an added bonus. cheap clean and tasty. new cheap tasty clean restaurant near new home. DONE!

then we scrambled over to the tux place after a detour to my home, received bad news about my tux, which sent me into a sour mood. then janice dragged my over to sort out the ties for our groomsmen. DONE!

seeking to lift my spirits, i dragged Janice to elim, the Christian bookstore, and a few purchases of interesting Christian books on the insight into relationships and the differences between men and woman. VERY interesting. Purchased new books about the Male/Femal divide. DONE!

right after that janice and i jumped on a tram to Wan Chai market to find accessories for the bridesmaids. to no avail though.. cheap does not always equal good.

then we cheated and cabbed it to janice's aunties place to drop off more stuff for the wedding. after some small chit chat we were out of there. Drop off wedding stuff at aunt's home. DONE!

right after that we walked to my brothers home to eat some of his birthday carrot cake, drop off more invites for my mommy, and to generally recharge for an hour. also to visit the big dog buddy. drop off invites and eat awesome cake. DONE.

since it was pouring rain at this hour, we took a 5 minute cab to my house. i take the fastest shower i can remember, wrap up brandon's real light sabre (you have to see it to believe it) and then head out to IKEA. Yes, ikea. a mere 6 hours after signing our new flat, janice and i were sifting through the wonderful rooms of ikea planning our new lives. it was SO much fun. i LOVE the fact that janice and i can do all these things together. it's so awesome to be able to choose these things together. we only got through half the store when the time was up, and it was ready for dinner. New furniture at ikea. DONE! (well.. sort of)

we walked a block to Outback steakhouse where we had a great time with Nate, Nat B, Krisy, and eventually Vienne, Cliff and Linnet. Dinner was way fun and it makes me think why don't we have dinner like that more often. anyways, 11:07pm came round and it was time to watch Episode III. Dinner with friends at the classic outback steakhouse. DONE!

needless to say that Episode III was not only an awesome movie in it's own right, it fully.. COMPLETELY made up for the first two episodes. it was simply the very best movie.. possibly of the 6. it was so good that it completely and perfectly completed the first trilogy and amazing tied in so many of the things from the second trilogy. it made me think of Lucas in a different light. he not only was a marketing genius in the way the first 2 episodes went, but he kept it 'real' to the hardcore star wars fans by keeping to true essence of the story. Watched the culmination of almost 30 years of film era. DONE!

it is now 2:42am and images of the Star Wars epic running amok in my head. the whole day was amazing, and while it had it's share of sad times, it was an amazingly blessed day. The last 20 hours have been so jam packed but so crazy...

simply put. it was a day to remember.


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