:uncertain chaos. feeble self. strange god:

180 small groups, marriage counselling, plucking toe hairs, flat hunting, suit renting, wedding dreaming, joint bank account, flower decorations, guestlist, summer college program, global day of prayer, Jaeson Ma, Episode III, no food, prayer & intercession, false teacher, revelation that my motives are not Godly, being driven by fear, male female communication problems, prunes, balance of commitments, fear of failure, lack of discipleship, fear of future, lack of incentive, weak flesh, over flowing inbox, accumulated to-do list, underachiever, understanding my leadership style is flawed, giving my life fully to my queen, making Jesus my goal, family issues, honeymoon, strange chinese marriage customs, antagonised friendships, slander behind my back, financial issues, and an ever growing waist line.. this collectively sums up the single most exciting but hectic and absolutely scary time of my life.

i've finally updated the sermons.. and i strongly suggest listen to Jacinta's talk.. her first ever at 180 and one of the most real talks i've ever heard. followed by Ephraim's singing of Tom and Jacinta's newest song, "This is Love" for ministry. i can not use words to tell you the positive impact that that night had on 180. God is good and faithful.

let it be known to the whole world that today i learned my about myself and my flaws than i have in the 25 years of my existence combined. i am fearful of the implications and of the struggle ahead of me... but if the outcome is remotely where i'm secretly hoping this goes... then I, Janice, 180, this church and everyone i know around me are all in for one hell of a ride.

if you have a minute to pray for myself and Janice, i would love it... we have piles of work to do and we have only 5 weeks to do it in. grace, patience, discipline, love, self-control, discernment, favour with man.... and just a touch of good luck (read by the Christian "favour with God")

on a different note. here are some pics from dinner last monday. Janice ripped off some peelings skin from her chest.. YUK. here's my pledge to start putting more pics on the site... sigh.. it's pretty gross...

thanks and bless you


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