:eight hundred seventy seven:

that was the number of photos i took over the album making process. that's AFTER the really bad ones were taken out. mark thinks that i can cut another 150-200... but i can't just chuch the memories you know? my iphoto is pretty jammed now..

the album making process was amazing, and a memory that will stay with me forever. small moments that make it all worth while. (and since i only took the practices and backstage pix, i dont have any of the actual stuff on stage. sowwie)

and then the chilling afterwards. matt, our synth & effects man, was pooped and crashed out. i love this shot.

sigh.. the life goes on. can't wait for 180 this saturday. can't wait till janice and i celebrate our 1 year anniversary... can you believe it? one year already... God is just SO good.


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