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i'm engrossed by Donald Miller. this is his website, click to go there. i like it...

i'm currently reading, more like eating up, his book called "Blue Like Jazz". it's an amazing look into a life that is reflecting uncertainty in Christdom.

i haven't finished the book, but i've thouroughly enjoying it. i realised i've only been reading christian leadership books and while they are great resource, it's not something you cuddle up to in starbucks. this has been a refreshing break from all the resources i've been going through. i had a passing discussion with janice about ever questioning faith, existence of God, or complete validity of the bible. she flatlined me by saying she doesn't question anything anymore, which i completely believed because my wife is like that. there is no question. there is also no spoon.

anyways, it's good to read that a christian doesn't know if they fully believe in everything about God. a crisis in faith is vital in following God. faith is all about making that decision to believe EVEN WHEN the whole body, mind and soul is questioning that choice. that's why i love following God. i love everything about Jesus, his church, and his teachings. it's amazing, and i love it. i dont understandit one bit sometimes, but i dont understand why fresh bread tastes so good either.. they just do. it just does.

one point that i found in this book that was profound, and there are many, was that it's easy to die for something, because that eludes to glory. in a moment you give it all for something that everyone observes, then you become a hero. either for a cause that's amazingly world changing or for an old grandma crossing the road.. purple hearts for all... BUT LIVING for something, that's MUCH harder. as i stopped and lay down the book to think, i took it all in. (that's an amazing thing you know, when a book makes you stop reading and think... i love that, thinking...) living every day for something, constant commitment and sacrifice is MUCH harder to do. it requires patience, it requires so much more than diving in front of a car... it requires a laying down of the life, yet Jesus himself says that is highest calling a person can have.

these thoughts aren't new. i mean the bible clearly states that nothing under the sun is new, and last time i checked every thing on Earth, and in our solar system is under the sun. it's just that miller portrays in a way that i can smile about it, and not get upset or condemned if i think the same as him. unless of course you condemn me, which is another thing entirely.

yet i still live. i LIVE for my wife, and my God. i have nothing against miller, but i found myself questioning how often he LIVES for his ministry of God. just this last week i've been having a difficult yet rewarding week. i'm not complaining, just stating the facts. yet i love it. i LOVE living. is that strange of me? maybe.

anyways, here's some of the things i've been up to.

so this is behind the scenes at filming Vine News with Mark Nam. sparky ham is a good guy, but this shot makes him look like a movie star who needs his fully white decked out trailer with blue m&ms.

i like this shot. got the real man blurred in the background, yet the digital image of him clear as day. (that saying doesn't really apply here in good old smogged out HK does it?)

i haven't been to a party/pub/gathering outside church for a while. and while this is from someone at church, it wasn't really a church going. i've been working all week, then we had an intense prayer meeting, so going out to drink and party wasn't high on my list. HOWEVER, nina P is one cool chick, so we happily went. stole a shot of the glam gals when arriving...

below is Joshua absolutely taking advantage of poor old mandy lee, although you wouldn't know from how he's wrapped her up, leg's and all. i love Joshua's facial. mandy is either very strong or joshua is really light. i think there's a healthy mixture of both really.

and let me introduce to you Daisy Lou Lou Daniels, Toby and Sarah's daughter. She is precious, the biggest craziest colour eyes you can imagine. sorry for the blurry short, but babies just dont know how to pose for shots in low light situations. and i didn't want to use flash and render her blind you know....

and here's my wife holding daisy. does any other husband without kids feel strange when their wives make a beeline for the baby? it was nice, and i'm glad janice LOVES it, but something inside me was screaming. it was either my deep desire to have kids right there and then, or an all consuming fear of fatherhood. i loved it, so i took a picture of it.

ok so there's a few things with some photos. i've been a bit lazy with photos because sparky and i are busy with live & church and we're working on a book for the live album recording. a picture book. kind of like a coffee table book, but cheaper.

in case you're wondering, the oneighty.hk forum will be taken down and revamped...


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