:worship overdub:

last night we had an amazing day with Andy G, and Ned... but after the evening service we had a chance to overdub some free choir parts for the worship album. basically there are a few parts where tom was like "now you sing" and the congregation sounds like 3 people who were singing out of tune. so about 30 of committed worshippers stay after service to just sing their hearts out and finish the album!

below is the recording set up 2 rooms away from where we were singing. amazing stuff what you can do with some super hardware and a jacked up ibook. (as well as a freaking $$$ mic)

here's Meg chatting before we started signing

our leader, conducing us while doing powerpoint. it was funny seeing conduct us, but it was a great time

the 'free' choir

"clean hands"

as i left the vine centre that night i mentioned to janice that it was an amazing honour to be a part of such an amazing project. i have no idea what tom's or God's plan is for another worship album, but this one was years in the making in terms of when the songs were written. even if we dont have another, i have amazing memories, over 1000 photo's and a new dvd to be a reminder of it.. oh.. and a cd as well... God is SO amazing... there are no words to describe...


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