:before I leave the tabernacle...:

A one_eighty service is a little different from most other services. Similar, but different. You see, I guess over time I've really wanted a one_eighty service to be ear-marked by the Holy Spirit meeting lives and hearts, and absolutely changing them.

That's a hearty call... But it's not like it's me doing the changing.. I've only followed the leaders example before me who lead Saturday nights where I would sit.. Stunned at the end of sermon. Or I would be screaming my heart out during the ministry time. One or the other, without fail.

It is and will always be sweet to be at one_eighty on a Saturday night. I've been doing this every single week for about 6 years straight and almost every week I find that God always.. ALWAYS has something to say to me. This hasn't changed since I've taken over this ministry, but as the leader it blesses me whenever I witness the Holy Spirit moving. At the end of the night I look around and I can see people receiving prayer, crying out to God, on their knees in repentance, any and everything...

But that's inside the tabernacle.

Every night at one_eighty, especially if I speak and people have been receiving prayer, I always struggle to leave the tabernacle. The reason being is that I know that the blessing, the feeling, the euphoria of a room full of God moving in the lives of young adults.. Finishes when I push open that door.

Tony shared something last night at church that people tend to forget the sermon 72 hours later. For young adults, I wouldn't be surprised if by church the next morning they've (or we've) already forget who spoke about what... That's why.. I always struggle with leaving the tabernacle.

I always place my hand on the doors to push it open, and almost uncontrollably I stop because all these thoughts come rushing into my mind. I know that it's spiritual and emotionally draining to lead this group of people, I put my life on display for everyone that comes, as well as a full team of other people sacrificing every single week.. And almost not wanting to ever have it end.. I can't bring myself to end the moment of such intense intimacy with Jesus. I love it. I live for it. So naturally I don't want to walk away from it. Not that I don't think that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in their lives through the week... But I think you all know what I'm talking about.

But we cant stay in the bubble forever. There's a world outside of the tabernacle, outside of the church.. Yet ever week I sort of enjoy and extra 30 seconds of it, then I take a deep breath, double check my smile, regain my composure, then with one last look back on the empty tabernacle, I remember one thing that brings a smile to my face as I open the tabernacle doors and see to the hordes of people fellowshipping and getting food.

There's always next week.


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