:creature of habit:

i dont normally post this much but i have to give honour where it is due...

ok so if i like something, especially if it's food, i can eat it forever. i can repeat the same order, every day. and i do. every morning across the street from church is a bakery called Casa Patisserie, and it is spectacular. i think for 6 days a week i patron this store and eat and drink from their bakery. most of the time i get the exact same thing for $23, a sausage w/cheese bun, a tuna bun, and a cold blue mountain coffee. every morning. For about 2 years now.

but today, my breakfast world shattered when i found that Casa was closing down due to rent increases.

when i read the sign, my heart skipped a beat, and immediate darkness came on to my spirit. it wasn't as bad as when satan entered Judas's heart as he betray Jesus... but it's comparable. i was so sad that i stood there for a full minute.. unblinking, if i stayed any longer a tear would've crept out of the corner of my eye. feeling the wave of emotion looming, i deeply inhaled and took the courageous first step, and as bono sings, I just walked on.

as i crossed the street i looked back, as if Casa were already gone. like lovers, i tore myself away. images of piping hot bread and wonderful tuna dancing in my mind, i put my head down and ploughed on.

as i sat down at my desk this morning, the meal was bittersweet... a last breakfast. with a deep sigh i looked down at my tuna bread, still hot from coming out of the oven...

and in the corner was a 1 inch long bug, that was dead and baked into my bread. my next bite of tuna would've included wings and a bit of bug-head.

so all i have to say is, after 2 years of eating breakfast at Casa... is..

Good riddance you cheap shabby establishment! bugs in my breakfast? BLEAGH!!!!!! Kiss my buttocks Casa! GROSS!!!! i feel so dirty now! serious yuk!


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