:where God has taken me:

just wanted to say thanks for everyone's encouragement. i wasn't fishing for it, but it definitely made the difference. it was an interesting week, but God is good, and i'm still doing what i do.

anyways, so while i was thinking all this stuff through, my mind was racing 100 miles a second so on the way to work a few days i watched the Who May Ascend Doco.. and at the end i was watching the credits... and i saw my name.

i've never done something that would require my name to be in the credits, but seeing my name on first percussion for the vine album really made me so.. i dunno.. blessed. i've been playing for years now, and i'm not really that technical, i just know how to bang the thing hard... and Tom asked me to play for the album? me? i was so blessed to do it, but in the whirlwind of making the album and all the practices i never had a chance to really soak it all up... but the other day, in the middle of a double decker bus.. i enjoyed the fact that the Lord has brought me so far...

i'm really not saying that in a "woah look at me" type of way.. but I AM saying this in a "i can't believe that i'm doing this" way.

now THIS is a small miracle. i've only recently been snapping away on my little ixus400.. and i've just really loved it. i then got a hand-me-down from my eldest bro, and i've really grown a love for taking photos. i've NEVER.. EVER in a gazi-billion eons ever thought i would be taking photos... and then when i saw this on the SAME bus ride.. it made me praise the Lord even more.

anyways, i had to plug the oneighty.hk update. i love the one_eighty website and mark nam has really done a great job. everyone thought that this site wouldn't be updated but mark and i knew that the way he built it, i'll be updating it every week.

and it looks awesome. thanks sparky ham!


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