:my so called life:

this is who I am:

I am emotionally unstable. I am hypersensitive, but I'm also arrogant and prideful. I love to give correction but I hate to receive it. I'm a walking hypocrite most of time.

i'm offensive, pigheaded and sometimes I'm an extreme pessimist. Sometimes i'll not even try and see the good in you and wish you would not burden me with your troubles. I gossip, I even slander. I have no respect of boundaries, and I judge everyone I meet without fail or mercy.

I'm extremely competitive but I'm also a sore looser. I'm a master at appearing spiritual, while not even thinking of Jesus. I've walked the church block enough to know what to say and how to look. But believe me, I'm not the only one.

I swear, I lie, I lust, I sin. everyday i do these things. you think just because I lead a ministry I don't do these things. Sorry, here's the real painful truth. Who am I kidding? I'm not a trained pastor, I don't even carry a university degree. I couldn't even pass a calculus exam. In fact I was so high on drugs that couldn't even get off my couch to sit the exam.

this is who I am. This is the man that god has called to be a leader for a group of young men and women. I'm not pretending to be anything more or less than everything l've just written.

This is the complete and ugly truth. No frills, just honesty. Now let me ask you a question...

Would you commit to my ministry? Would you allow me to be your leader?

No? I don't blame you. There's the door, please don't slam it on the way out.

The only thing I promise as your leader are 2 things.
1) I will fail you
2) God will move in your life if you are willing.


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