so on monday i went to gym. (i know, SO blogworthy) but what happened at the door to my clubhouse was this grandma type person who was absolutely pissed off. like really ticked. she came out while i was on the way in and then before i walked in i heard her start a full on curse-fest. i turned around to see what was going on, and i was shocked.

there was a small girl, must have been about 5 yrs old, with their helper.

The grandma full on cussed out both the helper and then child. it was all in canto, but if translated it was a flurry of f-bombs and ridiculously mean things... she was in the face of her 5 year old granddaughter telling her that she was f'ing no good and worthless all because they made her wait or something stupid like that. it was intense because it was complete with granny throwing her bags on the ground, finger in the chest, hitting the girl on the arm... very agro.

i was shocked at the whole scene... but when shock was over, anger seeped in.

this gave me the extra umph needed to complete my workout, but i really couldn't get over the harsh words spoken to someone who wasn't even old enough to cross a street on their own. also, the poor helper was just doing her job... and what did she get for it? an angry chinese grandmother yelling at her.

i've been in christian ministry for over 4 years and so many problems in adult life stem from crap that happens when children hear damning words from an adult, especially from family.

as i take this continued path down towards becoming a father, i've been super sensitive to circumstances like this, and the more that i experience, then more that i'm hoping and praying that the Lord keeps me on a path that leads me to be a good husband and father... not a raging hypocrite that looks for a reason to throw f-bombs at the world. (i've been doing that a little bit, but more on that in another post)

so, the lesson for today is don't become an old angry chinese woman. take a deep breath and chill... you know?


otherwise you'll be like my friend here below..


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