:Timeout Competition:

so Timeout do these competitions and i've always wanted to enter. deep inside i feel like that i have talent to write silly but somewhat engaging prose. i'm bias, this i am well aware, but hey.. this is my blog, so bite me. anyways, here's my answer and i hope i win!

Q: In 50 words or less, tell us what your favourite style of music is, and why.

For decades I have caused men and woman to join arms, to prance in unison, to cross language and cultural divides.

I can be seen in bars, or fields. On a weekend out, or daytime over a picnic.

Young and old I welcome all to join in my tunes, tap their feet and shakes their hips.

The strings sing my direction, the joy abounds, laughter always follows me.

I am... The Irish Jig.


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