ok so i've jumped onto a plane, and rather last minute like, i'm in Manila on a theology course. it's a long story, but the vine has sent me here to receive training and solid theological teaching, while also serving the people by being on the worship team.

after 2 days, everything i know about God has changed.

alright, that's a bit of an exaggeration... but it's been crazy. i mean, i've been to many different kinds of teaching, but never like.. theology stuff...you know? i've been to 7 sessions 36 hours... and now i've had a few key things that i've always believe to have been "doctrine" now, not.

the details will not be shared here, mainly because i've still to digest and figure out this stuff to call it my own doctrine, but there's something that i felt compelled to share here though.

The principle of the School said that Theology can be described as the Mind Worshiping God. think about that for a second. The MIND... called to worship. dictionary.com states this:

the field of study and analysis that treats of God and of God's attributes and relations to the universe; study of divine things or religious truth; divinity.

i've kind of held on to the secular thought about theology. it's about studying the bible, about KNOWING the TRUTH about scripture. about being an authority. about having the letters and qualifications to lead people in Christ. it's about knowing more than the average person.

what i love about this week is that i heard the Principle of a School of Theology tell me that theology is actually a type of worship. worship to me speaks of an interaction with God. for some reason, i've taken that interaction OUT of what i've thought theology is.

which is wrong.

this week, if nothing else, i've felt like the Lord has shown me that it is possible to intensely study the bible, and still have an outworking of love... rather than an outworking of "i'm so stinking knowledgeable, now cower in my shadow."

so, next time anyone who's been to bible school starts waxing bible on you, remind that person that their call is share in love... and if love ain't what you're hearing.. then you don't need to hear it.

yup. that's how i roll.


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