my absence was all about patience.

patience simply means to endure hardships, without complaint. i have been patient with things in my past, but this last 6 months have been the greatest, and easiest test i've ever taken when it comes to waiting. the details aren't important, but waiting is one thing, and waiting on God is another.

God has given me a patience that i have never once had in my life prior to knowning Him. it has to do with being able to fully trust someone else, and also having a greater knowledge of myself. there's so much in having just one relationship that makes every other relationship in your life seem small, or insignificant. sure there are the best friends, the parrents, the lovers, the marriages, but putting all of your trust in a group, or one person, or even in yourself, is just a set up for a world of pain. i'm not talking about the kind of stub-your-toe-pain, i'm talking about the pain that's so deap that you know it will not heal. the pain that makes you cry yourself to sleep during late nights, the pain that makes you think that there is no one anywhere that is one your side... the pain of rejection, abuse, a broken family, drugs.... all these things take from your ability to trust others. whether you experience these things or not, there is not one person in the world who has answers to all of your problems. Hear me, there is not ONE person on this earth that can help you. that's why i don't place my trust in a person... but in God.

before you totally get turned off and goto another website... hear me out. God has an answer for every problem, every single one. more than that, He wants to comfort you, He wants to help. all you have to do ask. i know for some its a leap of faith that seems like flying from earth to mars... but it's not. it's a small step that looks more painful than it really is. in fact, pain is the first thing that stops the moment when you turn to God. i urge you, go to God with anything, with ecerything, and He will answer you. once again, all you have to do is ask.

don't you think that the creator of the heavens and earth can answer questions about your next job? How about the God the put the stars in the sky, don't you think that he can solve your money issues? The God that created you and all that surrounds you will certainly understand the pain in your heart...

don't put your trust in someone that will only hurt you. put your trust in the Lord that wants to comfort, befriend and love you....


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