so i haven't blogged in a long time.

why? because i've been distracted... now is the time to get back. since i forever exiled the "i did this today" blog... here's something juicier.

There's something ironic following God's commands. especially when God has some plans for your life that you just can NOT fathom. so basically, when God's planned actions begin taking place, you freak out. cuz sometimes it hurts to follow God.. cuz no one EVER said following God was easy. sometimes it hurts like a bitch. the kinda of pain that you can actually feel on the inside... or makes you cry the type of stupid smack that makes your snot run.... the kinda pain that you dont know how to deal with.

so what now? and why the hell am i writing this? basically it because of this. there is a promise that God has said to us... and it's that He wants to the very best for His children... that's us. that's everyone... not just the christians... even if there's short term pain... short term serious pain... God's plan is to totally turn that around and make it BETTER. that's a promise that if we forget.. living becomes very difficult. BUT... we wont forget it. will we? no Mr. Ma, we won't.

so if you have some crap in your life... believe me i can relate. drugs, messed up family, job, and now a seriously snapped-in-two-trampled-and-farted-on heart... NOW, i feel i'm a little more travelled. at the very least, whatever it is.. take it to God and then be encouraged that He will turn it around. i've heard a saying that if God is for us, then who can be against us? and since we already know that God loves us and wants the best for us, that's pretty cool huh? just talk to the big guy about what's on your heart.... and things will not only stop hurting... but you might just smile too... or you could just stuff your face with some damn good grub, smoke a fat one, and just chill out on some smooth jams.... that helps too. but sometimes it doesn't. speaking to God with all your heart ALWAYS helps. oh yeah.. it's free too.

i thought i knew it all until yesterday.... now i'm just a young christian little boy that has much to learn...

but hey. there's always tomorrow.


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