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part of a movie is when a group of warriors are fleeing some great battle because they accomplished something right under the noses of the baddies. killed the leader, fleeing because they are trapped, stolen a relic... so then, pissed off and defeated the baddies send the whole army to seek and destroy. with the army closing in, one of the warriors in the group sees all outcomes as being fatal... or atleast entirely negative.

so then that warrior stops running, turns around, picks up their gun/sword/club/knife/fist, and then after the camera focuses on his/her eyes, the warrior fends off the chasing army just long enough for the team to escape. there's usually one person in the escaping team that is strongly affiliated with character that is going to die(love interest/mentor/family). with a sense of finality, there's a panning away shot of the person screaming the character's name or "Nooooo!".... naturally, the warrior dies a brutal but honorable death in the midst of a heated battle and enables others to live to conitinue the fight, or to enjoy victory.

classic example: Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. his cool points skyrocketed after his romp with the fire bunny from hell. some points retained because he came back a fuleizhi(fake straightened hair) and a cream coloured suit... but you get the gist.

CAN YOU name any other great "dying for the group but in such a cool way" scene that sticks out in your memory?

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