:neo soul:

i'm so into this vh1 station.. it's just so chills.. it reminds me of days gone by, you know?

why is it that music is almost like an audio journal. i'm sure i'm not alone when i say that certain eras of music just yell a certain time frame to me. of course, there are people who refuse to listen to anything that deviates from their current happiness. i've usually found these people to be trance people(candy ravers)... hohum.

i've listened to everything.

when i was about 12, i was influenced by my eldest brother who loved Japanese pop. therefore, so did i. when i was 14 i was changing. not just the weird growth that was happening in my pants, i quietly bought Mariah carey first album... and the i bought jagged little pill. the time of soundtracks came upon me: Reality Bites, Bad Boys, Hackers... life became blurred when Madonna, Fugees, Ce-Loo, and Bob Marley entered my life.

hip hop was a friend of mine, but in Hong Kong it was still underground. no radio played it, only clubs, and no local talent was ever MC'ing.. thus i loved to shake ass at parties to it, but that was the extent of it. the day i got up and left for college i was opened to a whole world of music, all ranges, genres and levels.. and that's why it became an even crazier time.

my first year of college had me find the wonders of Notorious B.I.G., busta Rhymes, Bone thugz N Harmony, Snoop, Missy, Da Brat, Puffy, Mase, KC and JoJo, Janet... more, but you get it.

then i saw Counting Crows live, Adam Sandler, opened up to George Winston, Japanese Ethnic Drumming, weird obscure independent Japanese composers for piano music... (I'm telling you.. this was all the first year)

my years after became a blur. joining a dance troupe had me be exposed to some of the greatest lovers of great music, yet i never had the capacity to go out and get that music. but since during that time i took the E plunge, i began to have a yearning for some thing that didn't involve thinking, like progressive trance and happy house crap.

i returned to Hong Kong years later to find my friends all part of the local indie scene here. after calming my lifestyle down, getting into church... my life slowed a little, and then i began playing the djembe. all of a sudden i was someone who enjoyed the actual music for what it was. i read lyrics and noticed composition. the feel that music brought... these things became not only important, but vital. acoustic sets now are my thing, and i really do a lot of closing my eyes and living within the music.

so now i'm leaning towards indie music... i once toured with these bands to another country and i was exposed to music the indie music of that country.. and i was stunned.

but the year is 2003. i am no closer to finding the music that describes who i am, yet all i know is that VH1 neo soul does very well for a tuesday afternoon at the office.

so if someone asked you, what type of music describes you... what you say?

my answer? i have no idea.


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