:super powers:

i have this awesome super power. i never even knew i had it until recently. i named it the area effect.

the area effect only works in crowded situations that has only been tried and tested on public transport. the area effect is the ability to have an empty seat next to me regardless of type of transport or situation.

for example, just this morning i was on a double decker bus going to catch the train, and then for some unknown reason, i have the only seat next to me on the whole upstairs empty. of course, this could just be good fortune. However, when there were 3 people who would rather stand than sit next to me, i wondered why. i mean... i did shower this morning and although it wasn't my best ensemble, i dressed accordingly. i was contemplating this as i went to the train, and sat down. while i looked up in thought of my bus escapades, i noticed that once again i had a seat next to me free... people standing... every other seat in the whole car was taken, numerous people standing, yet i had a spare seat.

is it the closely shaven head? the double earrings? the air about me?

nope. it's the area effect. i am now a superhero because of my superpowers. i need a costume now.. any ideas?


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