:the wonder of it all:

you know.. more ofter then not, i asked God over the course of my 4 day holiday in Shanghai... "What did i do to deserve this?"

there i was, on the balcony of a 31st floor flat that overlooked the whole of Shanghai... in a wonderful home with some of the best homemade Mexican food i've ever tasted... thinking... man.. i dont deserve any of this...

the simple truth is that i didn't.

my main goal was to go to shanghai to fellowship/hang out with janice.. as i felt that i really missed her, and she could do with another christian to spur her on... also, she's met some cool boys who needed a boy christian to minister to them... that aside, it was such a great time being on holiday. not that i hate the vine or anything like that.. but if you pour out your heart and soul for something, SOMETIMES it's good to take a step back and take a break. ONLY sometimes.. this was that time.

man... shanghai is a beatiful place.. especially in this time of year.. i was so blessed by the lord because he kept the rain back while i was there, and He gave me beautilful weather, free accomodation, and an awesome time with janice and her coworkers. highlights were dining in Xintiandi (Shanghai's lankwai), the museum, taco bell, praying, buffet breakfast that SUCKED!, pocky, shopping, crazy taxi rides, and ofcourse, holywood...

more importantly, i had some free time during the trip to really take in some word, and to interceded for 180. i had an amazing time on the flight back just asking GOd's mercy for 180, and for His will to be done...

i'm trying to get back into my blog.. i've been so bad with it.. but now.. it's changed.. i'm changed... and here i'll share some things that will reflect what the lord is doing in 180, in me, and those around me.

god bless!


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