:you got served:

man.. i just watched that movie last night.. and i lay in bed wide awake remembering all my dancing times... i never battled, but i did dance like i was... i was so in the zone back then... it was such a good memory, being on the team, believing in my moves, trusting my team mates, doing it with my crew... man.. those were the days.

i guess times really do change. or maybe it's the college factor, which is the fact that in college people do things that they'll never do again outside of college. maybe i still wanna do it but dont have the chance. it's alotta things, but i'm sorry to say that i'm passed that stage where dancing was who i was. i mean.. the movie was cheesy, and was trying to 'real' but in the process was just straight fake... but i remember that back then it was what i lived for.

i dunno, just reminiscing...


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