:can you feel it?:

there was a moment, while i was on stage... the evening was almost finishing... this 180... i've been waiting weeks for.. having snelly there, mark leading worship, doing the sign up thing. it was a gorod night. i have neve been as direct with a group of people before. i said this, and i meant it well.. to the poor people who turned up early to pray...

"i refuse to have a normal meeting tonight. if you're not excited, get excited or get out, because i will NOT hinder what God is going to do here with tiredness, or bad, non-expectant attitudes..."

i said that.. i meant it. i really did. but imagine if you had a ridiculously hard long day.. came to serve, but actually needed to recieve more ministry, and then your new leader unloads that crap on you. i guess for me, it was the perfect thing for me to hear. but for someone who acutally had a tough day, a leader... well.. she literally almost left. i dont' know what i would've done if she had walked out. it was a spur of the moment decision that i made that i will impose my excitement, my enthusiam on the team... and i WILL lead them in this area. no one will be more excited than i will.... i hope everyone knows that i HATE not giving God the very best.. and i refuse to allow that at 180.

that said... the prayer time we had that followed was simply amazing. the hangout just kept building and building the atmospere. the worship was simply great. the sign up time, amy's sharing, the offering, snelly's talk, the minstry at the end.. then... i got up to get ready to go into our closing time of worship.

looking out into the crowd, i saw that the our small group time of prayer was really getting deep, and the holy spirit was touching lives throughout the whole room. i closed my eyes, as i let the feeling of weeks of prep, planning, and of praying for this one night come to reality. i heard mark pick up his guitar directly behind me, to my left nate was there, and ephraim too, to my right chrissy was getting her mic.. ben getting ready on the drums... mark started stumming, lightly, as if to almost to encourage the holy spirit to fall even more.

"can you feel it?" i whispered to myself. i closed my eyes again and i could literaly feel god's love flowing. i turned to mark. "can you feel the spirit in this room?" mark closed his eyes and made a face that i know only the holy spirit came induce.. the face that is a combination of intensity and amazment.

i turned to my right. "can you feel His spirit falling in this place?" i asked Chrissy. she smiled a type of smile that again, only a touch of God can bring forth.

"Nate, can you feel His love?" i said as i turned around my other shoulder. his smile told the same thing that everyone elses did.

that moment, will be stuck in my heart forever. it was what i live for. to know that everyone in the room just prayed for the Holy Spirit to touch their lives... and we were about to step into His presense yet again.. and right before we started, there was an overwhelming joy and happiness that almost made me kneel down right there and then. it was.... in a word... amazing.

i love you Lord. Thanks for blessing 180 as you so amazingly do every week.. let us never grow weary, never complacent of your amazing mercy and power. show us every day, every week, every meeting, just HOW deep and wide your love is for us... i beg you lord.. never stop pouring our your spirit on your people in 180. let me, let us... let all we are and we will ever be.. let us never stop serving you.



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