is it me or has it been almost 2 months since i last updated.. i'm SURE that's gotta be wrong.

anyways, excuse the sp errors and what not.. it's almost 1 am.. and my weeks are rather long. i just wanted to share with this stream of thought continues in my head.

how much is too much?

sometimes, especially recently, i've been waking up and it's taken me a full hour to actually get awake enough to do anything. usually i'm up and out. i noticed that i've been frowning alot, seriously to the point of new wrinkles forming on my face. i've been a little harder to please, and a little slower to laugh. gabby recently said to me i not as relaxed as i used to be.

i'm not. that's for sure. even janice said so

maybe i just need more sleep.. or just a little extra time to recharge per day. burning both ends of the candle only does damage to your performance... as i've begun to see. i work for the love of it and for God... because when i work, god blesses it and people get encouraged, get saved, get healed... and that's awesome...

but should it really be at my expense?

there has been a saying that's been flying around my head that if you really depend on God to be your strength, then you'll never get tired or burnt out. that's a load of bull. if you work hard, you get tired. end of story.

there are times when i have words or wisdom spoken to me. just this week tom has told me that if i dont get my rest i wont be as good as a servant to the people i lead. hmmm. janice has been trying to hammer this into my brain for days.. but sometimes being think headed, and foggy eyed with a dash of stuborness makes it hard on the uptake.

anyways... i'm excited for 180.. like REALLY excited to the point of obsesive, but i'm also needing to spend some time to recharge. if you read this and see me in person tell me to get some rest.

time to sleep. like now.


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