:what kind of good news are you talking about?:

in the thick of battle... i figure that i need to relax a little more. maybe take a 5 second breath before doing something. or.. like sledgehammering a drywall. hmmm.. yea... that would be cool.

so today i spent almost 2 hours listening non-stop to the lights guy and the sound guy talk engineer talk till my brain started bleeding. BUT.. it was and is a needed process to get our new home planned out. as each day goes on.. we continue to fall behind. if you are of the praying sort, now would be a good time to pray for some miracles. not of angels river dancing on your duvet... more of the favour-with-man type prayers. we are not in the promised land yet.. although we paid for it...

you know what i'm saying?

and lastly i am very, excited about what is happening in 180. may the lord keep blessing us to follow Him into our new season.. and may this not be our idea but His... let us continue to build HIS people, HIS house, and HIS purposes....


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