God is so Great... all the time.

i just had the weekend of my life. not because i spent much money, not because i went on the luxary cruise, or traveled to the farthest reaches of the lands. i had the best weekend because God worked through myself and the rest of the team members on our mission trip to Thailand. I dont say this from a lofty position, because any and everyone can and should ask God to work through them... the difference is if you ask or not.

First and foremost on this trip, God simply worked miracle after miracle, and I kid you not because miracles are for today. can you explain sudden torrential rain pouring 5 minutes after it was blazing hot and sunny? and this right before we were supposed to start our first outreach? so that's the situation... we start at this slum area that had 3000 people living in an area equal to that of about 1 and a half football fields/pitches. 3000.... anyways, so we get there and it seems that our outdoor area to show our dramas and speakers was rained out. We decided to sing praises and worship anyways, and soon it let up, but not enough to continue. Seeing this, the resident doctor, (who wasn’t Chrsitian nor a real doctor ) said come to my house and do it. we all agreed, but we were bummed we couldn't do it outside. so we did all of our outreach in a dinky little house about 6ft by 6ft... feeling discouraged, we decided as a team to pour out ourselves to this community regardless of the circumstance. we only had a couple hours there, but they were very intense. At the end we loaded the bus with our heads alittle down. before we left, the president of the Slum outreaches of the whole Thailand arrived to share with our team. She basically told us that no team ever before has had a chance, nor wanted to go inside the slum... so she said that it was breaking new exciting ground, going into the slum, worshipping God, preaching the Gospel and praying over the people and area... a previously unreachable area...

That rocked my world.

I've been to Thailand 3 times. When you work with YWAM, you're working with a whole world of youth coming in and out every single day of the year. So teams come to do the same work we were doing since over 10 years ago. To say that WE... to say that God CHOOSE OUR team to do something new was an entirely enormous thing to grasp. Little did the president know that i was praying for that to exactly happen the moment i knew i was going on the trip about 2 months prior to that day. so not only did God answer my wildest prayer... my whole team went from the pits to the sky with her words of encouragement.

and that was the first outreach.

i wont go any more into detail, but if you want a full de-brief, i'll be writing one soon and i'd be blessed to send it to you. anyways, my other hardcore prayer for God to heal me through my selfless service to Him were answered. i've been all smiles since returning to Hong Kong, and i'm ready to re-plug myself into my community of believers.

but before i finish, i want to challenge anyone who reads this. A mission is a trip to somewhere that's in need of help, or needs to hear the Gospel. Ask yourself if there is any other place that needs to hear about Jesus more than the place you are sitting right now reading this blog. I've learned.. after my forth mission trip, that the place i need to share the most is the place that i am living right now. I urge you all to not look to going somewhere far, or wait until your church has an outreach.

You are the only bible that some of your friends will see. The words of God that you live out will be the closest any of your friends will be willing to go when it comes to Christianity. Your greatest ministry may be your next class, your next study session..... dont think that the Spirit only moves when you are with a team in south america or something like that...

if you care about your friends who dont know Jesus you would ignore your own pride and show them the most important thing in your life... the difference between an eternal life in heaven, and an eternal life in the hands of Satan. for some... like myself, it made the simple difference between life and death. it isn't your right to withhold that choice from anyone. Not sharing the Gospel out of apathy is the same thing as you personally condemning that person to hell. Hate is not the opposite of Love, apathy is.

if you love your friends whom still do not believe in the Lord Christ our savior then you either need to share Jesus with them, or you really do not love them.


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