so out of the possible 16 hours this day has had... i've spent all but 5 hours. it's friday night... 8pm.. and i'm STILL here. good news is that end is in sight. i made ridiculous progress this week. but what's it all for? i feel like i just absolutely wasted one whole week. well... one thing i got to do this week was catch up with a lot of people on AIM... except Martin.. he was waaaay too busy for me. maybe next time.

i've been thinking/praying about coming back to umich to speak again at some places, and to see old friends. i was thinking about also stoping off in NYC and visit people there too. not that i'm made of money, but it's time i took a holiday. 18 months and i've only taken 1 sick day, and about 5 days of holiday. i'm due for some time off. anyways.. so if you pray, please pray that i can come back and share my testimony. when i've been praying, Harvest and ACF specifically came to mind.

i need to make sure that i'm standing right before God.. and not be tempted to just go back and hang out with friends. nor that i pretend that anything in my life was achieved on my strength or luck. After this year... my ability to share my faith as effectively with my own testimony will weaken because anyone i've known there will graduate by the end of the next year. i have decided to go against the money problem and just go.. and this time... get as many people i know to hear how i became christian.. and how God is real.

my second top priority is to cater to the Lambdas.. and get them to either the fellowship or church where i share. last time it didnt' happen.. but should God allow me to return... i will make sure that they attend. the habits that almost destroyed my life are still so real in some of them... i know it's time that God breaks through that group of people... so yeah.. major prayer is needed.


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