so these last two days have felt like one really long one. work.. and then everynow and then i chat and then surf for a bit.. but on the whole.. work work work.

one thing i noticed about myself.. i'm pretty reserved now. yeah... it's kinda weird. sunday night i went out with a bunch of people and i felt like such a downer... cuz i wasn't in the mood to be around so many people. i miss certain people in my fellowship that i haven't talked to in months.. but when they are all together it sorta feels overwhelming. i'm yearning for more alone time. big groups scare me now.. rather than be in the middle.. which is how i always saw myself.. i'd rather just hang out on the sides. that's where i always am now it seems..

is this a depression thing? am i growing up? naw.... plently of people much older than me still act like this.. maybe i'm going through a funk... MAYBE it's cuz i'm stuck in an office for every waking moment of the day, and i forgot how to act normally in a group situation.... yeah.. i think that's it. since no one really calls me... email and blogger is my window to the world... how sad.

i just ate circle food for dinner and i'm feeling rank. i'm about to blast some worship, dance and worship for a little in my office, and then really kill my work...

can i just point out that the blogging world has gone stale... esp. if jon hasn't blogged in over a week. and munfung hasn't written about the weekend.. oh well. patience is a lesson that i never learnt.


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