so wrote this big blog again about christianity... but i thought that it's time i wrote about something that i was up to... so to give those of you whom are tired of hearing about the gospel can rest assured. here's me.

check a recent picture of me through my links on the left... under mugshot... like my new look? i personally didnt' want my blog page to look like kyles anymore. can you say soul glow?

so yeah... i'm freak'in weeks behind at the office... like... VERY behind... so that's why today i'm going to pul at 15 hour work day... and then maybe again tomorrow. but i'm not worried.. cuz what am i doing instead of working? bloging!!!! so i've been here working and trying to catchup... which really sux cuz i wanted to be at the studio tonight.. actually.. i just wanted to go home and sleep and watch some tv.. and rest

taught my first lesson last week. a whole 4 people turned up. none of them paying since the first lesson is free. but this week i know about 10 people are gonna turn up. crazy? that's 250% percent increse. that's alot for one week.. don't ya think? so yeah.. i'm gonna crap my pants. i haven't had my official de-brief/ chew up by my boss, but i know what i sucked at. i can't warm up with confidence... and i lost my class(of only 4 people) for warm down. how lame is that? oh well... i guess it's ok that messed up on the first week... i just have to make amends.

oh. the studio had it's official opening on friday night. i performed in 2 of the 4 dances. i was really proud of that. i dunno.. i'm slowly getting a rep as a dacner.. but what makes me very happy is that people think i'm a good dancer. now.. more than ever... i want to just be in Hong Kong so that i can dance... so that i can do more gigs... it's really exciting ... with the studio open... and us getting more gigs.. me teaching classes.... life for me... it terms of this stuff.. is picking up by the day. i just hope i dont get burnt out.

anyways.. what am i doing? i supposed to be working my butt off??? sheesh... i'm such a slacker.


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