ah... so a weekend away and now i sit back in the office.

what a weekend it was. Friday night our fellowship got to go out and basically to a real crappy area of Hong Kong that's known as a place for drugs, prostitutes and basically it's like one of the ghetto's in HK. so why go there? we went there to share how Jesus Christ is real and how there's always hope, no matter their situation.

so we got there, and we basically did some skits, and then someone shared a testimony. we then went out and shared more intimately with whomever was there. we were in a park were there was an interesting mix of people. we had gangstars, old people, hookers, and people looking for their next shoot up or high. these aren't like parks in the states.. it's more like a concrete area with maybe 4 trees and park benches. at the end of the skits i prayed that God would show me someone to talk to. and i kept seeing this one dude, kinda young looking, but obviously one of the yougner gang members hanging out with 2 older guys. i kept praying about seeing someone to share with because i was so scared of this group of people. after a while, a friend pulled me aside and asked what was going on. i told him i think God wants me to speak to that group of people... my friend looked at me and then said well lets go! i was like.. i'm really scared...

of what i had no clue.

so i followed his lead and i went over and started to talk to these guys. my initial fear melted away as we begun what became a one hour talk... with all of us sharing about our lives and our situations and what we believe in.

they basically boiled everything down to this. they are at a point of nothingness. they have no hope, as all 3 of them have been in and out of jail, and now there was nothing for them to do. they have no family or their family has dis-owned them... they escape the reality through drugs and living the crazy party life. they know God... atleast they think they do, and they feel that God would never forgive them. they honestly feel that they dont care about their lives.

this is no joke... i thought i went through crap, but these guys laughed at my story, cuz whatever it was, smoking, e, K, acid, shooting up..they have done it more and longer. but when i shared that i lost control of it, and i was consumed by it.. they started to listen.. we then shared that the high of God's love was better than anything they could ever dream of, and that THEY are LOVED by the creator of the world.

i've realized that people like this... God loves them SO much.. it was such a special feeling to even be present when God was moving with these guys. I had a burden... and that was these people.. they were SOOOO close to recieving Christ.. right there, on the streets, right before they were going to out and get wasted... this is what Jesus spent 3 years doing non-stop... it was such a blessing to even be able to share my faith with these guys. the only reason for my burden was that it could've been me in that spot.. i know it could've been... who am i to KEEP the gospel from NOT being heard... i now know that they try their hardest to forget their surroundings... they just shut it and are apathetic to their future... and that apathy is what numbs them into submissino to their lives.. that's what gives them the idea that there IS no future... and it is that apathy that prevents them from accepting that God is real... but as i do more things liek this.. i know that the light of Jesus will shine through those lies and that apathy....

the poor, the broken, the hopeless... which is all of us really... these are the people that Jesus came for.... and i've only begun to get a glimpse of how much love our God has...


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