sorry i've been gone for so long, but it's been one hellova week for me.

i basically have been dancing more than anything else. here's the break down.

mon: 7-830 break-dance class, 830-10 make my steps for my class.
tue: 630-730 circut training, 730-9 practice
wed: 730-9 hip hop advanced, 9-1030 practice
thu: 530-7 prep, 730-9 my class, 9-1130 practice
fri: 6-730 practice, 730-9 CAPOEIRA class, 9-11 practice
sat: (am)10-1 practice, 1-2 circut training, 2-5 practice, 7-1130 practice
sun: (am)10 church gig, 3-5 popping/locking class, 5-7 step workshop, 730 night GIG
mon: (am)11-1230 practice, 1 school gig, 7-1130 practice
tues: 5-7 big mall gig (2 shows).

so in 3 days i had 4 gigs, and it was pratty crazy. i went from place to place either teaching or in a class. it' s pretty cool living this life cuz i get to teach and perform every waking second i have. 2 things i gotta share. i just started taking capoeira lessons... IT IS SO COOOOOOL! what is capoeira? so break dance came from capoeira and it's got 500 years history... it is SO much fun.. and i was already battling after one lesson... just ONE?!?! so yeah.. that's on my plate now. if you played teken 2 or above you should know eddie, the black dude that jumps around like a monkey... well... i'm basically learning how to do the stuff he does in that game... it is the funnest thing i've done in a VERY long time.

the other thing is that i held Hong Kong's first ever step workshop... i think. i know that not too many people do it, and i think i blew some of the locals away with it, but i had my biggest class i've ever had. 22 people! i said 18 max, but i just couldnt' turn them away. it was so cool, cuzi was just teaching away! i dont know.. when i teach, if it's hip hop or step or anything, i get into this zone. it's something that i can't even begin to explain. i love to use my body. when i can set up a 4-8count class... i just run with it... i have so much fun i usually refuse the money at the end of the day. in fact, i've been teaching for over a month now, and i've refused every dollar. isn't that weird? i just noticed that i dont want to get paid, cuz honestly i have a full time job, and i love to dance. i figure that the people who set up the dance studios that i have so much fun in deserve the money more.

anyways, before i go on forever, i just wanted to share what i'm doing and that i'm now giving whatever i have left of my days that my full time job doens't take.. to dance.. and i'm one happy camper... anyways.. must sleep. got a big show tomorrow.


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