there's a huge thing going on at the moment.. it's called the World Cup. my friends... basket ball, and baseball, AND american football COMBINED still do not compare to the world of soccer, better known as Football.

so yesterday at the office, there was a game on.. and my whole office took the afternoon off and watched a game. can you imagine a company where everyone doesn't come in to watch a sporting event? that's how big this is. bosses will install big screen TV's in the office just so that workers wouldn't fall 'sick' during the tournament.

this brings me to another thing... how much do people know about the world... if they are so trapped in their little bubble? i mean, most of my american friends... many of them are still hung up on Asian American rights, and ethnic diversity... the funny thing is.. it's not even an issue here. asian VS asian-american... people here just dont think about it. other weird things to think about; plane crashes in china, hundreds die... no one knows about it in the states. plane crashes with no-one injured at Backwater, South Dakota... and we hear about it LIVE. there's a little difference in how things work in my little international home known as Hong Kong.

this just struck me cuz some of my friends back in USA have no clue that there's this huge tournament that has whole nations pitched against each other.. a sport which is the MOST popular in the world.. and yet i'm scared to think about what else they DO NOT know about that is happening outside of their little circle.

oh well...


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