so i'm here at the office again. it's 12am.... thursday night. i went out for dance, cell group, and i'm back... this is crazy.

sometimes we all give a little too much. sometimes we not only do what is required or requested, but we go above and beyond the call of duty. why? i've been here almost every weekday till past 12. that's pulling double days, everyday, for about 10 days now. in 9 days, i've done what a normal person would do in a month... and what do i get for it? nothing.

sometimes we give everything and then some. i never did this before becoming christian, but now i do it to please God. it's not easy, trust me. it would have been very easy to tell someone.. anyone, that i worked my ass off for as many weeks as it took to do this. but i don't and i wont. it's a weird feeling doing something to please God. there's so much satisfaction in it that it really can't be explained sometimes. it's enough for me to just continue to work here... even though it's late and my eyes hurt, and i STILL have so much left to do.. but God is so cool, that i WANT to do this... nuts huh? anyways, i'm here to work, not blog.

but let me get away with saying that doing something to please God is SOOOO much more satisfying than doing something to please myself...


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