so what's the deal?

i've been all alone in the office. today is a public holiday; the 5th anniversary of Hong Kong returning to china. yay. i'm here, trying to work yet finding the blogger home page. this last week has been really good. i've been super busy, cuz i'm going to australia for this huge conference... yet i have 10 billion things to do at the office. so i'm here.. trying to be a good servant to the Lord through my responsibilities. hopefully God will see me through this.. and by God's grace i'll have a job to come back to.

there has been a huge devlopment in my life. i wont go into details, but lets just say that God surprised my socks off by answering my most hardcore prayer over the last 2 months. i have to also say, that a dinner with a very good friend and a time of spilling guts should be on everyone's agenda every now and then.

last night i had an intimate time with God last night. i have only one thing to say to any and everyone reading this page... have you ever had a moment in time where you FEEL God speaking to you.. where you catch a small touch of His complete love...? please.. if you are Christian, please find some worship leader that will lead you into His presence.. if you're not christian.. then i'm telling you right now that there is no comparable feeling, no higher high than to be loved by God.

ok... workworkworkworkworkworkworkworkwork


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