this is a blog about why i love dancing so much. along with why i love being a dance instructor.

dance is the only place where creativity, camaraderie, determination, release and sweat all come together and eat dinner and chat like the perfect household situation that the Family ties used to portray. it knocks down the language barrier, and makes a great way to break ice. when i practice, the feeling of a group of people doing the same movements together to a beat is a really strong feeling that you can NOT comprehend unless you're on the other side of the mirror. i live now for the moments like when i do my very last run through for my classes... when i get a person who comes to my class who has never danced before, and is now busting out my 4 8-counts like there's no tomorrow. or like those few precious seconds when you're on stage ready to go nuts waiting for the music and the show to begin... when it's been 4 hours of dance already and then i begin another 2 to make my steps for my class. when you dance for every night of the week, and then can't wait for the next week to start... i live for those moments when i open my planner and all i see is "dance" on every page for the next 2 months.

Dance is not a hobby, not a job, not a form of excerise... it's not a social thing, and it's not even a cool thing. it's a way of life. it's my release, and honestly it's my happiness. i look at my life over the past 2 months as this: i have a full time job so i can support my dancing. do i have a problem?

so our gig on monday was dope. we had a hip hop and a break part, and then we had the master do a capoeira segment. we dance and do pretty well, but then this dude comes out and starts roundhouse kicking and cartwheeling and all this crazy stuff to the beat. then he does this crazy flying double kick in the air, and then displays this other ridiculous stuff and kinda ended with a type of head spin thingy with no helmet. he's the master. i've never been more happy to be the little grasshopper. i'm trying to find a way to post the video...

enough.. must work.


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