:are you qualified to do this...?:

So yesterday i was at KGV school in kowloon supporting Jaime Simpson on behalf of teen success, and i was leading a session called "The Power of Positive Perspective". it was part 3 of a bunch of other things that jaime had prepared, all based around self esteem. we had a class of about 25ish students, but we had about 7 special needs students, and with these students they had a team of 4 support staff.

one of these support staff was a great young man who was full of veal, promise and vision for his future. he was also muslim.

while i wasn't there to preach the gospel, heaven's forbid ESF would allow that... but i was there as a pastor who was failed at one point in his life, and in some small way bounced back from it.

so as i finished my session with my story about how i once failed in life, but then through some major incidences (ie Jesus) i was able to turn life around, and then now be in a place to prevent young adults from experiencing the same fate.

after my speaking part, he came up to me asked me a few questions. they kind of came in this vibe, and i'll spare you my replies...

"so what degree did you graduate with?"
"so why are you doing things like this?"
"so do you really think that anything you say is going to change these kids lives?"

then he dropped a bomb on me.

"so are you qualified to do this?"

i stared at him right in the eye for 2 seconds, and then i said no, i'm not.

i really am not. i'm not qualified to share with ESF kids about succeeding in life, most of them will have more credentials than i ever will have in just 5 years. i not qualified to preach to people, people in church how have more wisdom, more strength, more knowledge than i ever will.

in fact, i have NO qualifications. none.

here is my answer to his question...

no, i'm not qualified to teach these kids about how to succeed in life. i dont know the first thing about getting the right job or how to get rich. but what i did do in life was fail, and fail miserably. so in that sense, i am qualified to share what i did.... and if what i share prevents one of these kids from going down that path, from turning away from suicide, from failing in life... then this was worth it, and you dont need credentials for that. if i was one of these kids, i'd rather hear from someone who's gone through it all rather than hear from someone who just teaches theory.

surprised at what God had come out of my mouth.. we both stood there in silence for a few seconds, then it just passed. and to be honest i was thinking one thing and thing only...

put that in your pipe and smoke it buddy.



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