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So the title of the conference I just attended is called Catalyst. Nothing fancy, but it was cool how everything they did really surrounded around this concept of starting a change. I guess they really place highly this notion of change, as if every church that attends needs to get out the mediocrity that they are in. there were a few times where I felt that the catalyst team were a little arrogant, basically saying we are the hip and cool Christians and you guys need to be like us. Looking around though, I realised that it was true for most. However, after I got around these silly thoughts I think I had some very good things I will take away from the conference

Created to be who I am
It's a weird, and rather simple concept, but we sometimes we forget the basics, and then try to minister out of a place of advance theology that doesn't have two feet to stand on because.. Well... we've forgotten the basics. What does that look like in real life?

Me. simple, aint it?

Ok there is a basic foundational peice of knowledge that every Christian should have. From even before were we born, God knew us. He knew why were being created and he knew what life were going to live. For me, in this time, it was to be a pastor.

You know, even pastors need to get their calling refreshed, renewed. If you're reading this and you think pastors are the SWAT team of the Christians, never failing, always burning passionately, you're dead wrong. This may screw with your concept of a chrsitian leader, but I think it's healthy to know that I, as a pastor, needed that more than anything else this week.

I needed God to remind me, "Hey Derek, I love you. I have called you to this. It's ok. Don't worry, you don't need to please me. I AM pleased with you..."

You see stuff like this is why I needed to fly around the world and sit in a room with 12 thousand other strangers.

Sometimes you can be all alone in a stadium full of people, and in those times of being alone, the voice of the Father seems louder.
I guess that's why we do quiet time. Just a thought.

If there is no change, we'll stagnate
I do need to honour that every ministry and every church needs improvement. This much is sure and if people can't admit then they're either blind or too arrogant. Over the last week I've taken a look at 180, at where I lead in my church, and I need to brutally honest with my team, and together we need to start instigating change that will not only spark reaction, but also a fervour for God that trumps out every other fervour that my young adults may have.

Because if we don't, it'll just stay the same, become boring, then suck. If there's one thing I never, ever want to be doing, is leading a ministry that sucks. And who's fault will that be? Mine. It's ok, I'm not afraid to take responsibility. Great coaches always say, when you win, it was the players, when you loose, it's the coaches fault. Comes with the title.

shoot for the moon, or why try at all?
I keep hearing some sort of variation of the cliché "shoot for the moon, and if you fail at least you'll hit some stars" or something along those lines. I needed to ask myself, what am I shooting for? One of the questions I was asked was, "what is a 'win' for my ministry?" it was a simple question on the surface, but I as kept digging in my own spirit what my goal, my bulls eye.. I was like.. Woah.. I'm not so sure anymore?

Have a packed out Saturday night? Surely this needs to be goal...

No. because what happens to all these people when they come? How are the discipled? How are the cared for? How are they even able to vault over our cement 10 feet walls we build around certain cliques?

So as I've just been thinking about this, I'm going to shoot for the moon. I'm going to freaking aim so high, I'm going to dream.

Paul Scanlon wrote once that he believe that Pastors, as not only leaders of churches but as a presence in the community, we OWE it to our society and congregations that we aim to build the church of dreams, rather than a church of what people need. When we start dealing with the type of church that is only a church of people's dream, then whey would they NOT come... They'd be crazy not to. What am I talking about?

A church that's vibrant, fun, living, passionate, active in the community, real, reflecting Jesus, doing things that other people are afraid to. A church that is so compelling to people that they HAVE to share it their friends, family, co-workers.. ANYONE.

That is my goal. Am I crazy? No. just Christian. Hear me roar.


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