:what i learnt today:

I need a car... and a licence

seriously.. without a car in this place makes me feel like i'm an alien. like i'm special, but in the negative way. people drive everywhere.. this place is huge. i had to skip lunch today because while everyone was driving to eat lunch, i was thinking... man.. i can't go anywhere. at least the hotel has a shuttle that brings me back and forth... it just sucks that i have a bit of feeling of trapped. if they conference people didn't have a session with free pizza i would've only had my breakfast... poor me. *sob* *sob*

People love free stuff WAY too much

during the wait to get in for the evening session, a man (or woman) in a cow suit was walking around throwing out free tshirts. now, these shirts were rather on the ugly side. in fact, i'm pretty sure that there was a reason they were being given out for free. regardless, people were screaming, LOUDLY, for these things.. it was a bit.. well.. one person saw the first shirt, then another, then people jumping on each other, then old grandmothers were getting elbowed in the face by crazed teens. that didn't happen... but it would've. i'm sure of it. all that drama for an ugly shirt. now if it was a DS, ipod, or Wii.. then i think there's would have been some deaths today. imagine the headline, "Grandma accidentally beaten to death over free Wii given out at Christian Leadership Conference..." hahah. (it's not that this is funny, but it's just that i'm typing while half sleeping and it seems funny to me now. i dont really want Gandmas to be killed. Grandmas should have curly hair and be attached to rocking chairs. and should smell funny. um.... yeah.)

I have ninja skills

i'm not kidding. i'm a serious ninja first class. these north American polite sissies have no clue how to elbow, cut, sneak past, pretend to know someone, look like staff like i do. between the 5 years at Hillsong Conferences, and 20 years in Hong Kong, i found myself able to get a seat in the front row or second row for every session. i'm a ninja. i've proved it again and again. Lines? i laugh in the face of your silly lines. *grin* nice.

I needed an inspiration jump start... bad

every session God has been speaking volumes to me. i long for the crazy preachers and deep entry in the word like at HIllsong, but these talks have been different. these are the lab days, so everything is geared to be all practical. most of the speakers are professors, so it wasn't like a sermon... but God did some serious inspiration in me.. but only while i sit on my sofa and consider that my imagination for ministry was running a little dry, i realised that i left after only one day, ready to go back. i really needed that. thanks Jesus.

BIG changes are coming up

i'm still praying, dissecting, and translating what the first day of the 6 sessions means for me. but after i seek the Lord, then my wife, i'll let you all know. but hear it here first that as the name of the conference is Catalyst, i'm asking the Lord that this is the catalyst that affects GODLY change in me, my life, my family, my ministry, my city, and my world. all for God. not just change. massive change. super size change. ludicrous change. you get it.

to give you a teaser of how my brain was blasted to mars and back, here's a question that is burning itself into my soul...

"What is your life going mean for God?" "woah", says Keanu.. "dude"

ok, i'm tired so i'm out. that's it. till tomorrow.


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