as i see it i have just had an epiphany. i have a problem with authority.

you heard me.

not just bosses, but people who are in charge of things... people that feel they have the right to tell what to do just because they are the leader of something. teachers, administration people, coaches, presidents of stuff... i have figured out that i never got along with these people cuz they all order me around. the best leaders i've ever had are the ones that befriend me and then ask, nicely and respectfully, to do something. i feel that no one has any right to boss any one around. regardless of rank, experience.. i dont care. in many circumstances, i give the person the benefit of the doubt and befriend them.... once they break that understand and treat me like i dont deserve a choice.. then they loose my respect.

i'm not complaining about any one person, its just that i'm human... and so i vent. the moral of the story is, don't order me to do anything, ask me and i'll break my back to do what i can for you. just because you are some great thingy doesn't mean i ever have to do what you say just becuase you say it.


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