something must be said of marketing today in the name of Christianity. I won't get into how i got to this subject, but it doesn't matter, what matters is that i found some crazy websites that make me think.

in this day and age there are ways to advertise any 'product'. TV, net, toys, blah blah. so, San Rio stuff has taken over in many aspects of life. all of us are familiar with hello kitty, badtz, and all the other cute colourful things to buy... couple that with the influence of Pokemon, then we have ourselves the most up-to-date pop culture.

On another hand, Christians are always looking for the best way to 'sell' our 'product'. telling people they are sinners or forcing them into believing Jesus does not work for this generation. anything that makes Christianity look or feel more like something that is for the here and now is better than any preacher telling us that we are wrong and lost. Or is it? so here is where we are... San Rio meet Jesus and the bible. i have read in certain message boards that this might be blasphemous. i disagree... i just think that it's a cute way to get kids to understand Jesus and other people in the bible. its actually really cute, and i for one would rather my kids have teddy bears and pencil cases with Jesus on it than i would hello kitty or Pikachu on it.

although i know it may look ridiculous to have Jesus's anime picture on a papercutter, but then again, why would we put a stupid pink kitten on the same cutter? Jesus, even to kids, is more to heart, is more personal than any and all of the San Rio put together. So, if you're not Christian, you can really tell me that this isn't cute? And if you ARE Christian, I think this site has got it right, but my only complex is... why did this idea take so long to come to pass?

BUT, the huge arguement is are we just selling a product? are we selling out on Christ? are we defaming the Lord's name? is this portraying Christians as comparable to 7 year-olds? this argument may never end, but in the end, it is VERY cute. check this clipart of David vs. Goliath.


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