So this past Friday I went to tom’s bachelor party. It was simply the best time I’ve had in years past. I have never been to a bachelor party but I always envisioned strippers, drugs, drunks… basically the last night of ‘fun’ before the man gets married. This my friends… was very different. This was a CHRISTIAN party. That means no strippers, no getting drunk, no drugs, nothing dodgy… funny. painfully funny. I basically shared a night with a small group of friends that have bonded strongly with over the last year. I seen every person in our group grow in the last year and it touched my heart to have us all hang out on the largest cruise ship in Asia called the Superstar Leo. I’ve seen most of these guys go through up and downs, and we have all at one point or another served together and have bonded because of it… all in the name of the Lord. The 7 other boys are my brothers in Christ… and I wanted to thank God for allowing us to be good friends.

But this past weekend was for Tom. My best friend since I was 11… had our differences after he became a Christian, but who knew I would follow suit 6 years later? Now simply thro the grace of Jesus do we have our friendship back. Ok.. enough sap, cuz in 2 weeks my boy is getting married. We love and bless you.

Today is a pensive day. Reflective and weighty.

Flow with the water, says me.


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