i strongly speculate that more people other than myself and chrissy are reading this. i'm sorry if i have no way of adding some sort of guestbook or blogback thingy cuz i'm just too lazy to do the code, or make my page look nice. one day i will. till then, 1000 apologies upon your kingdom.

yesterday i went to a Christian concert. in a simple word to describe the atmosphere, bravura. to have so many people sing praises to God under one roof; a feeling that i can not explain in words... although bravura was rather close. The highlight of the evening, was when i was going nuts in the spirit and then a little girl brushed by my leg. I bent down and made some room for her to get to the front. she gave me a smile and then started to dance with the rest of us. Then a group of people wanted then escorted an elderly man to the front. So everyone, as if on cue, made a nice isle for them to walk. when he got to the front, he didn't dance, just smile a smile that only the elderly can... pure and real, a toothy grim with wrinkles on the side. simple stuff like this makes Christianity one of the greatest things.

i fell asleep on the train to work today. there was nothing abnormal with that besides the fact that i drooled a nice puddle on my shirt. i remember one time i was standing on the train and i saw this other guy drooling a serious great lake on his jacket. it was a waterproof jacket so you can imagine the effect. i think he was dreaming of a phat steak or something cuz this guy had a steady stream of liquid going. i thought it was pretty gross. today... i must come forth admit it. i am drooler. i have drooled before but now i must face it. i am guilty.

there... don't you feel so much closer to me now?
just as long are you aren't my pillow we'll be ok.


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