today's day is holy. holey. wholey. Hole E.

the only bad thing about Korean BBQ is that you can never get the smell of cooking meat out of your hair & clothes. well... with my hair its hard enough to get the bugs out of it. anyways, the only bad thing about eating cheap curry is the bathroom adventures that follow. what am i getting at? That today has been interesting in the least. Not that i want to get into the specifics, i just wanted to share that i enacted chemical warfare on the bathroom. it's kinda like boxing with a punching bag. you can feel like you kicked the crap out it, but in the end all you have is a hurting hand and the damn thing is STILL standing. if that bag could express itself, while i walked away licking my wounds, it would have pissed its pants laughing at how dumb i was. not that it would be wearing pants.... i dunno... it might.

today has been the best reminiscent time of 80’s rock. Bon jovi, guns & roses, m.jackson, U2, Depeche mode… my LORD it was great. stupendous is the word. if any of you are feeling specifically despondent, i suggest going through your old CDs, and blasting With or without you.



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