procrastination is a disease. it first creeps up on you. simple early warning signs are eyes getting a little droopy, mind taking some time off to relive the great concert over the last weekend…. the disease closes in with more dreams of white sand beach that you wish you could be on or that phat steak that makes you drool…all while it secretly immobilizing your muscles. it slowly but surely takes over your brain. your body then uncontrollably types in on your web browser. then it strikes its final killing blow.

you blog.

blogspot is laced with some sort of drug…. giving you unutterable feelings of serenity apon depression of the ‘post & publish’ button. at least that is what happened today. my boss man didn’t come in today, taking a number of the office staff with him to some conference. since i am so vital to the company, i was not allowed to attend and i had to oversee the office.

yeah right.

i actually had a great and busy morning, but now in the heart of the afternoon, i find myself now in the world i know as limbo. limbo and the disease go hand in hand, and you never know when you go from one to the next, but it is proven that the disease procrastination brings you head first into limbo. it is fabled that once you are in limbo, the disease already has full control of your body. in limbo you can not concentrate, you can not focus, and you can not leave limbo. you only float aimlessly through it, since it is a distortion of time and space. you float through various news sites, or random sites, some people even have joke of the day sites. limbo had me visit the local weather of Kegatu, Japn. while the disease tightens its grip on your brain, you find yourself surfing to more silly and distracting websites. point of no return today found me surfing the United Farmers Council of Scotland. then suddenly, like that fresh slice of ginger, you get spit out…


“ahhhhhh!!!” *splat*

then.. i regain my composer, make a cup of coffee, and return to my job.

then my eyes start to get a little droopy……..


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