yesterday i fought the urge to blog and won. today i see no reason to continue the fight. so here i am... just got an email that the big boss is not coming in today. the smile on my face touches both ears as i slyly type in

i finally got back into praying daily. my prayer list is pretty long, but there nothing that you can't do on a 45 minute train ride to work. except reading 'The Lord of the Rings'. that book is a freaking monster. interestingly enough i had a conversation with an English co-worker just now and he vented to me that American film-makers just take great books and ruin them. I told him that English football sucks and that he knows exactly where he can stick his great books. He then decided that our short but meaningful dialogue was concluded.

suit yourself.

yesterday was a milestone because i finally bought a comb made for pets. its a cool comb with metal teeth... its called the Doggyman. it is from this point forth no longer a comb... it is Doggyman. it has feelings and i have employed its services to back-comb my hair. its actually my first step to getting my dreads... but in the meantime, having huge hair is never a bad thing. i told the woman that i was gonna use this thing on my own head. she laughed... but then i told her i was serious. she stopped laughing and then stopped looking at me. oh well. when worlds collide...

tomorrow is Tom's bachelor party. i can NOT wait. Christian Bachelor party for my best friend since we were 11 years old. weeeeeeird.

till then, thanks for all the fish.


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