i have decided that for 14 days i'm going to fast the one thing that occupies any of my time outside of work or dance. and that is bloging.

fasting is the christian sense is when you deny yourself something that is deemed important... even vital to yourself. the aim of a fast is deny yourself something in the name of a certain cause. by putting yourself in a situation of weakness you create an enviroment where you need to lean on God for strength. many time food is done, but other things all can be just a painfull or difficult to not consume.

the actual purpose behind my blogger fast doens't need to be spoken to anyone else other than God, yet i will share that because of what's going on around me, i feel God has asked me to fast a number of things, and some for 40 days.

anyways, in 14 days i'll return and let you guys know how i'm doing.. in the meantime, please pray that i'm faithful to His calling.


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