so i guess there's a time when al things must calm down. with every high, there is a low, as one does not exist without the other. what i'm talking about is that i recently found the need to slow down. so i work, and i do church stuff, then i dance and workout. between those 3 things, life is taken is quick bites.. and there's never enough time to digest... or to think about dessert.

now the trick is that i have choosen to leave things out of my wednesday night. i have planed this to be my down night. my spend at home and do something nice night. i used to think that i never needed me time... but i know better. i used to think that wednesday night should stay in night, but it always turned into go somewhere and spend more money night. anyways.. now i know that i'm just craving some timeto just reflect on life and really chill out.

who would've thought that you needed to PLAN your chillout times. oh wel. thus is life in the city..

nite.. and God bless.


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